Mission: We want to make being healthy fun by teaching the right habits early on in a kid-friendly way. Sherlock Snacks explains how to look at a nutrition label and a few key elements in making the right choice. 

A major contributing factor to obesity is a child’s “nutritional behaviors,” a term used to describe behaviors related to food and eating, such as food choices. (1)

If kids start looking at the label now, then when they get older they'll already have a great foundation and be able to learn more about what is good for them to eat and what isn't.

Healthy food choices can also be encouraged by seeing and interacting with healthy foods on a regular basis, so our iBook has plenty of interactive elements and images of healthy options (2).

By promoting the idea of better choices and not cutting out items completely, we hope to make children more health-conscious now and in the future. A small change can make a big difference. 

Goals: We want to teach kids to look at the nutrition label on the food they're eating. Specifically, Sherlock teaches about ingredients, sugar and serving size. Three quick and easy concepts that can change a kid's outlook on food for good. 

New Media Capstone: This project was created as a final piece for the New Media program at the University of Georgia. The New Media Capstone class encourages its students to make positive changes through the use of technology. This year's projects all fall in the realm of health and behavior change.